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ULUstory has completed its MVP, that is, a web-based app which provides our core service:

helping users create U-stories that create

empathy, inclusion and engagement.


We are introducing here our core app for employers

to innovative early adopters as a one-month ULU-Experience. 

Organizational ULU-Experiences are designed to introduce client employers to a specific use of ULUstory over 2 weeks.

The 2 options presently available are:


team building  |  identity & inclusion

The client employer will have access to both user and manager levels. ULU-Experience will provide HR strategical support, full onboarding, workshops, individual coaching, and ample support materials. We will also introduce clients to our precision outcome measurement, to provide insight into ROI.


We want to work and grow with early adopters

and companies which recognize the power of storytelling.

These Experiences help employers explore how

the ULUstory process and strategies

actually work.

So, we offer here,

through December 31, 2020,

this ULU-Experience

for our discounted rate of $2500.

What's not to like?

For more information, schedule time to talk

with founder Deb Pagnotta. 



Using feedback and data acquired through these projects,

we will iterate the app to ensure

we have the functionalities most useful

to YOU, our clients and users.

It's not about what WE want,

it's about which aspects best serve

you, your employees, clients, and community.

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The storytelling app that helps employees

generate empathy, engagement and inclusion.