Want to connect in a hostile world?

Tell stories like a caveman.

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Here's the problem.

It's 2022

Communication is broken.

Conflict is at an all time high

at work, at school, and in communities.

Empathy is at an all time low.

Coworkers fight, neighbors attack neighbors,

students are increasingly isolated.

Conflict is taking a terrible toll on us all.

Let's be clear-eyed.

Fighting, shouting, arguing, suing, belittling,

or even having difficult conversations

(with belligerent Uncle Bob or Karen your coworker)

do NOT reduce conflict.


Here's our solution.


Share your true stories

(in a particular format - "U-stories").

At work, school, to your neighbors

and even annoying people in the supermarket.

This creates trust and empathy

between the teller and the listener.

This is not rocket science.

It's neuro-science.

30,000 years ago,  our ancestors began telling stories

- in a VERY SPECIFIC PATTERN, a "U-story" -

to overcome hostility and create connection with other tribes.


This type of story automatically creates sustainable

empathy + trust + inclusion


across barriers, across culture, even with people we don't like.

ULUstory provides users with

a simple, powerful, science-based tool

to help them find, craft and share

their U-stories

fast, easily, effectively 

anywhere, anyplace, anytime

with discernment. 

Reduce conflict, create community.