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let's talk about ROI of ULUstory

Before we can look at your return on investment, you need to understand the real costs of employee conflict,  disengagement and disconnection.

Is that really a problem?

You bet.

 Dr. Spock says that

"costs saved = increase in revenues"

and that is NOT rocket science.

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a specific
cost reductions.PNG
some costs ULUstory can save you
"If storytelling saves you even one lawsuit per year, your company is likely to see a minimum of
2.5 (or 250%) ROI on ULUstory."
Deborah V. Pagnotta
Founder | ULUstory

Deb has been a top-rated employment lawyer for over 25 years, and has also served as General Counsel and VP|HR. She has had the opportunity to understand the costs of conflict and litigation from diverse perspectives.
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The storytelling app that helps employees

generate empathy, engagement and inclusion.